UPDATED (Sept 22) – Statement of Support to CUNY students attacked and arrested in peaceful protests against ex-Gen. David Petraeus

Below is the most recent version of the statement of support, updated with the latest signatories.

To add your signature, please send an e-mail with your name, title and affiliation to cunysolidarity@gmail.com.

On September 18, 2013, a press release issued by the Ad Hoc Committee Against the Militarization of CUNY stated: “Six students were arrested in a brutal, unprovoked police attack during a peaceful protest by the City University of New York’s students and faculty against CUNY’s appointment of former CIA chief ex-General David Petraeus. Students were punched, slammed against vehicles and against the pavement by police captains and officers, after the NYPD forced them off the pavement and onto the street.”

As graduate students and educators of CUNY, we express our outrage at the violent and unprovoked actions by the NYPD against CUNY students peacefully protesting the appointment of war criminal David Petraeus as a lecturer at the Macaulay Honors College. We deplore the use of violence and brutal tactics against CUNY students and faculty who were protesting outside the college. It is unacceptable for the university to allow the police to violently arrest students.

We emphatically support the efforts of these CUNY students to resist the attempts by the U.S. government and the CUNY administration to turn the university into an infamous “war college” with the appointment of Petraeus. Petraeus is responsible for countless deaths and innumerable destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan as a war commander and chief of the CIA. Although resigning from his position as CIA director in November, Petraeus has continued his involvement in U.S. foreign policy. Most recently Petraeus has called on Congress to back a military strike on Syria, stating “failure of Congress to approve the president’s request would have serious ramifications not just in the Mideast but around the world.” His current roles as “adjunct” lecturer at CUNY and professor at USC speak to the increasing U.S. military and state security involvement within higher education.

We call on CUNY to terminate Petraeus’ appointment and to ask for the charges against these students to be dropped immediately.


  1. Helen Panagiotopoulos (PhD student, Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  2. Alexandra Schindler (PhD student, Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  3. Cihan Tekay (PhD student, Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  4. Danya Al-Saleh (PhD student, Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  5. Zeynep Oguz (PhD student, Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  6. Matthew Chrisler (PhD student, Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  7. Jonathan Shannon (Associate Professor, Anthropology, Hunter College and Graduate Center)

  8. Susan Buck-Morss (Distinguished Professor, Political Science, Graduate Center)

  9. Ammiel Alcalay (Professor, Queens College and Graduate Center)

  10. Peter Ranis (Professor Emeritus, Graduate Center)

  11. Jacqueline Brown (Associate Professor, Anthropology, Hunter College)

  12. Hester Eisenstein (Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies, Queens College, Graduate Center)

  13. Sujatha Fernandes (Acting Associate Director, Center for Place, Culture, and Politics, Associate Professor, Sociology, Queens College, Graduate Center)

  14. Julie Skurski (Distinguished Lecturer, Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  15. Rosalind Petchesky (Distinguished Professor of Political Science Hunter College, Graduate Center)

  16. Jason Schulman (PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Political Science, Lehman College)

  17. Gary Wilder (Assoc. Professor, Anthropology Ph.D. Program, CUNY Graduate Center)

  18. Michael Taussig (Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University)

  19. Anthony C. Alessandrini (Associate Professor of English, Kingsborough Community College)

  20. Ozlem Ozkan (Associate Professor, Kocaeli University)

  21. Saadia Toor (Associate Professor, Dept of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, College of Staten Island)

  22. Renate Bridenthal (Professor, History, Brooklyn College)

  23. Mairead Maguire (Nobel Peace Laureate, 1976)

  24. Sevda Alankus (Professor, Kocaeli University, Turkey)

  25. Onur Hamzaoglu (Professor, Kocaeli University, Turkey)

  26. James Schamus (Professor, School of the Arts, Columbia University)

  27. Naomi Braine (Associate Professor, Sociology Dept, Brooklyn College)

  28. Alyson M. Cole (Associate Professor, Political Science Department & Women’s Studies Certificate Program, Queens College & The Graduate Center)

  29. Katherine Wilson (Adjunct Professor, Hunter College)

  30. Mollie Steward (Associate Professor Mathematics, retired, Cumberland Co. College, Vineland, NJ)

  31. Hanan Sabea (Associate Professor, Anthropology, American University in Cairo)

  32. Dr. Eileen Moran (Queens College retiree, Hunter and Graduate Center alumna)

  33. Dr. Lara Margaret Beaty (Associate Professor, Psychology, LaGuardia Community College)

  34. Ayfer Bartu Candan (Associate Professor, Anthropology, Bogazici University, Istanbul)

  35. Jaime Taylor (Assistant Adjunct Professor of Anthropology Hunter College, CUNY)

  36. Rupal Oza (Director, The Women and Gender Studies Program Hunter College, CUNY)

  37. Kerry Ojakian (Assistant Professor, Bronx Community College Dept. of Math)

  38. Christine Ward Gailey (Professor, Anthropology and Women Studies, UC Riverside)

  39. Katherine Verdery, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center

  40. Setha Low, Professor, The Graduate Center of CUNY

  41. Rachel Baum, Assistant Professor, SUNY F.I.T.

  42. Clare Carroll (Professor, Queens College and the Graduate Center)

  43. David Greetham, Distinguished Professor, Ph.D. Program in English, Certificate Programs in Medieval Studies and Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, CUNY Graduate Center

  44. Joan Mellen (Professor, English and Creative Writing at Temple University, CUNY alumna)

  45. Jane Marcus (Distinguished Professor, English, CUNY and CCNY)

  46. Jaime Weida, Instructor, BMCC

  47. Andrew Ross (Professor, Social and Cultural Analysis, NYU)

  48. Cynthia Franklin, Professor, Department of English, University of Hawai’i

  49. Leyla Neyzi (Professor, Sabanci University, İstanbul)

  50. Jim Costanzo (Adjunct, Associate Professor, Pratt Institute)

  51. Ralph Raico,  Professor Emeritus of European History, Buffalo State College, B.A. City College

  52. Sandi E Cooper, Professor of History, CSI and GC (ex-chair, University Faculty Senate)

  53. Christian Christensen, Professor of Journalism, Media & Communications, Department of Media Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden

  54. Costas Panayotakis, Professor of Sociology, New York City College of Technology, CUNY

  55. Candan Badem (Assistant Professor, Tunceli University, Tunceli, Turkey)

  56. Toorjo Ghose (Associate Professor, School of Social Policy & Practice, Upenn)

  57. Johanna Greeson (Assistant Professor, School of Social Policy & Practice, University of Pennsylvania)

  58. Mike Budd, Adjunct Faculty in Communication, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton

  59. Margot Backus, Associate Professor of English, University of Houston

  60. Jason Livingston (Lecturer, Cinema and Comparative Literature, University of Iowa)

  61. Rei Terada, Professor of Comparative Literature, UC Irvine

  62. Sabina Sawhney, Associate Professor, Hofstra University

  63. Michael Friedman, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Biology Department, Queens College

  64. James J Biles (Assoc. Prof., International Studies Program, City College/CUNY, Assoc. Prof., Earth & Environmental Sciences/CUNY Graduate Center)

  65. Peter Bohmer (Faculty, Political Economy, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington)

  66. Catherine Gass, Adjunct Prof. School of the Art Institute of Chicago

  67. Anne Meneley, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Trent University

  68. Scott Brickman, Professor of Music and Education, Chair, Arts and Sciences Division, University of Maine at Fort Kent

  69. Tanya Agathocleous, Associate Professor, Hunter College

  70. Professor Marithelma Costa, Hunter College & Graduate Center

  71. Eugene Marshall, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Wellesley College

  72. Dr Andrew Warstat, Lecturer in Photography, University of Central Lancashire, UK

  73. Luke Martell, Professor of Sociology, University of Sussex, UK

  74. Christopher Ebert, Associate Professor, Department of History, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York

  75. Dr Lisa L Wynn, 2012 OLT National Teaching Fellow, Senior Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, Macquarie University, Australia

  76. Manissa McCleave Maharawal, (PhD Candidate, Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  77. Kristofer Petersen-Overton (PhD candidate, Political Science, Graduate Center)

  78. Melissa Phruksachart (PhD student, English, Graduate Center)

  79. Lindsay Parme (PhD student, Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  80. Linsey Ly, (PhD student, Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  81. Allison L. Faris (PhD student, French, Graduate Center)

  82. Derek Ludovici (PhD Student, Graduate Center)

  83. Jeremy Sawyer (PhD Student, Human Development, Graduate Center)

  84. Allison Faris (PhD student, French, Graduate Center)

  85. Julian Gantt, (PhD Student, Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  86. Amanda Matles (Phd Student, Geography, Graduate Center)

  87. Liza Shapiro, (PhD student in Comparative Literature, Graduate Center)

  88. Jennifer Chmielewski (PhD Student, Critical Social/Personality Psychology, Graduate Center)

  89. Brian Bond (PhD Student at Graduate Center, Ethnomusicology, Music Department)

  90. Conor Tomás Reed (Free University, Student Bloc NYC, Graduate Center and Medgar Evers College, English)

  91. Sean M. Kennedy (PhD student, English, Graduate Center; Adjunct Instructor of English, Lehman College)

  92. Mia Chen (PhD Student and Adjunct Lecturer, Graduate Center and York College)

  93. Jennifer Gilligan (PhD Candidate and Doctoral Students Council Representative, Graduate Center)

  94. Makeba Lavan (PhD Student, English, Graduate Center)

  95. Jennifer Chancellor (PhD Candidate, English, Graduate Center; Coordinator for Organization and Planning, The Adjunct Project)

  96. Hamad Sindhi (PhD student, Sociology, Graduate Center)

  97. Akemi Nishida (PhD student, Critical Social Personality Psychology)

  98. Charles Dolph (Graduate Center Cultural Anthropology PhD student; Graduate Teaching Fellow, Baruch College)

  99. Eric Mazelis (PhD student, Physical Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  100. Francisco Fortuño Bernier (PhD Student, Political Science, Graduate Center)

  101. Amnah Almukhtar (MA student in Middle Eastern Studies, Graduate Center)

  102. Emily Curtin (PhD student, Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  103. Zoltán Glück (PhD student, Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  104. Daniel Schneider (PhD student, Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  105. Menemsha Milnor (MA student, Political Science, Graduate Center)

  106. Kristen Hackett (PhD Student, Environmental Psychology, Graduate Center)

  107. Salman Hussain (PhD Student, Anthropology Department, Graduate Center)

  108. Mark Drury (PhD student, Graduate Center, Writing Fellow, Bronx Community College)

  109. Bradley Lubin (PhD Candidate, English, Graduate Center, Adjunct Lecturer, Baruch College)

  110. Sruti Patoori (PhD Student, Biology, Graduate Center)

  111. Fidan Akıncı (PhD Student, Theatre, Graduate Center)

  112. Mariya Radeva (PhD Student, Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  113. Stephanie Urso Spina (PhD student, Graduate Center, 2002)

  114. Doris Cheung (PhD Candidate, Graduate Center)

  115. Ashna Ali (PhD student, Comparative Literature, Graduate Center)

  116. Lynne Beckenstein (PhD student, English, Graduate Center)

  117. Kelly Aronowitz (Adjunct Lecturer at Baruch College, Student, Graduate Center)

  118. Kelly Anne Herrmann (CUNY School of Law, Class of 2016)

  119. Hoda Mitwally (J.D. Candidate, CUNY School of Law)

  120. Rebecca Fullan (PhD Student, English, Graduate Center)

  121. Lisa Freedman (Adjunct Instructor, Kingsborough Community College; The New School),

  122. Kristina Jacobs (PhD Student, Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages, Graduate Center)

  123. Joshua Sperber (PhD student, Political Science, Graduate Center)

  124. Morgan Buck (PhD student, Geography, Graduate Center)

  125. Malav Kanuga (Phd student, Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  126. Elliott Liu (PhD student, Cultural Anthropology, GC)

  127. Elizabeth Bidwell Goetz (PhD student, English, Graduate Center; Instructor, English, Hunter College)

  128. Neil Agarwal (PhD student, Cultural Anthropology, GC)

  129. Miles Ashton (J.D. Candidate, CUNY Law School)

  130. S. Shahabuddin (Student, CUNY School of Law)

  131. Talisa Feliciano (PhD student, Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  132. Nell Hirschmann-Levy (J.D. Candidate, CUNY School of Law)

  133. Nabila Taj (J.D. Candidate, CUNY School of Law)

  134. Tanzina Ahmed (PhD Candidate, Developmental Psychology, Graduate Center)

  135. Monique Whitaker (PhD candidate, Philosophy, Graduate Center)

  136. Ben Becker (Ph.D. candidate, U.S. History, Graduate Center)

  137. Nandini Chandrasekaran (MSW), Kristin Moriah (PhD student, English Literature)

  138. Rossio Motta (PhD Candidate, Anthropology Department University of California, Davis)

  139. National Students for Justice in Palestine

  140. Students for Justice in Palestine (Columbia University)

  141. Éva Tessza Udvarhelyi, PhD

  142. Carl Gelderloos (PhD Candidate, Department of German Studies, Cornell University)

  143. Mario Martone (SJP Cornell and a Ph.D. student in Particle Physics, Cornell University)

  144. Bengu Aydin (Phd candidate, Political Science, Galatasaray University)

  145. Nikos Vassilopoulos (MA Student, Department of Theology, Copenhagen)

  146. Kristin Moriah (PhD student, English Literature)

  147. Mehmet Ekinci (PhD Student, Science and Technology Studies, Cornell University)

  148. Andrew Shied (PhD student, History, CUNY Graduate Center)

  149. Caroline McKusick (PhD Student Department of Anthropology, UC Davis)

  150. Alper Acik (M Sc. and Instructor, Ozyegin University, Psychology Department, Istanbul, Turkey)

  151. Victoria Evans

  152. Lina Saleh, (MA Student Sustainable Design, Cornell)

  153. Irene Sotiropoulou (PhD in Economics and Researcher, Chania, Greece)

  154. Christin P. Bowman (PhD student, Social-Personality Psychology, GC)

  155. Cathrin Twomey (Melbourne, Australia)

  156. Ila Bo Kovitz (undergraduate student, UC Berkeley)

  157. Gorgia Karpouzis (undergraduate, LaVerne University)

  158. Jeni Grinceri (student alumni, UC Berkeley)

  159. Deniz (PhD candidate at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Department of Urban and Regional Planning)

  160. Lily Chesnut (SUNY Downstate Medical Center)

  161. Steve & Beth Wagner (Lake Merritt Neighbors Organized for Peace Oakland, California)

  162. RE Ausetkmt (BadGalsRadio.com Reality in a Foundation Sound)

  163. Berk Esen (PhD Candidate, Department of Government, Cornell University)

  164. Josh Brahinsky (Phd student, History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz)

  165. Emily December (B.A in Anthropology, Queens College)

  166. Patricia Keeton (Prof of Communication Arts, Ramapo College of NJ)

  167. Robert Latz (Student, Prescott College)

  168. Gregory Rosenthal (PhD Candidate and Instructor Department of History, State University of New York, Stony Brook)

  169. Mehmet Baki Deniz (Ph.D student at Binghamton Sociology),

  170. Mario Alvarez (BA student, Computer Science at Princeton University)

  171. Jennifer Curry, Kelsey Salyer (New School BA Student)

  172. The NYC chapter of International Socialist Organization

  173. Christian Haesemeyer (Assoc. Prof., Department of Mathematics, UCLA)

  174. Rachel Daniell (PhD Student, Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  175. Marcia Esparza (PhD Historical Memory Project/HMP John Jay College of Criminal Justice)

  176. Patricia Ackerman (City College Women’s Studies Program)

  177. Laura E. Rivas (Undergraduate Student, The City College of New York)

  178. Christelle Jasmin (CCNY student)

  179. Jackie DiSalvo (Associate Prof. English Baruch)

  180. Julieta Salgado (Brooklyn College)

  181. Mike Stivers (Undergraduate at Hunter College)

  182. Leo Parascondola (Adjunct Instructor, William Paterson University, English)

  183. Nicolas Levis (Author and Occupier)

  184. Talia Leonard (Undergraduate at Boston University, Anthropology and Religion)

  185. Russell Weiss-Irwin (Macaulay Honors College, City College of New York, Class of 2015, Political Science)

  186. Bozant Katzakian

  187. Lais Gomes Duarte (PhD student, Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  188. Huseyin Arkin Rasit (MA, Political Science, Sabanci University, Turkey)

  189. Rose M. Kim, (Ph.D., BMCC/CUNY)

  190. Oscar Maradiaga Jr (Member of IWW, concerned citizen)

  191. Elif Kalaycioglu, (PhD student, political science, UMN)

  192. Boian Boianov (PhD, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz)

  193. Daniel John Walsh (Curator/Palestine Poster Project Archives, Master of Arts Arab Studies-Georgetown University)

  194. Ghazzal Dabiri (PhD MESAAS Columbia University)

  195. Ella Wind (Master’s student, NYU)

  196. Kamran Moshref (PhD Student, Political Science, at the Graduate Center

  197. Yosef Brody (Ph.D. President-Elect, Psychologists for Social Responsibility)

  198. Dr. K. Eylem Ozkaya Lassalle PhD (Galatasaray University, Istanbul)

  199. Gulce Sorguc (Research Assistant, Philosophy Department, Ege University)

  200. Tansel Guclu (PhD. Student, Department of Economics, University of Missouri Kansas City)

  201. International Work Group (Academic Liberty and Freedom of Research in Turkey, Groupe International De Travail “GIT”)

  202. Gunce Sabah Eryilmaz (Research Assistant, Bahcesehir University, Turkey)

  203. Kamuran Kizlak (MSc, Clinical Psychologist)

  204. Hashim bin Rashid (MA student, Sociology, Columbia University)

  205. Kent Henderson (PhD student, Sociology, Stony Brook)

  206. Zachary V. Sunderman (Graduate student, Sociology, New School for Social Research)

  207. Jason Gold (Attorney)

  208. Sebastián G. Guzmán (PhD candidate, Sociology, New School for Social Research)

  209. Robert E Parker (PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Seattle, Washington)

  210. Duane Wright (PhD student, Sociology, UC Davis, Davis Unit Chair of the UAW 2865)

  211. Rayya El Zein (PhD candidate, Theatre, Graduate Center, Writing Fellow, Medgar Evers)

  212. Onur Sonmez (PhD Student, Ethnomusicology, Graduate Center)

  213. Shawn Carrié (Politics, The New School for Public Engagement)

  214. Ali Saysel (Bogazici University, Istanbul)

  215. Zeynep Koçak Yılmaz (JSD, EHESS)

  216. Josette Souza (Africana Studies, Brown University)

  217. Deniz Duruiz (PhD student, Anthropology, Columbia University)

  218. Saygun Gokariksel (PhD Student, Anthropology, CUNY)

  219. Ugur Guney (PhD Student, Physics, Graduate Center, CUNY)

  220. Arto Artinian (BMCC)

  221. Ahmet Batal (Sabanci University)

  222. Zeynep Oguz (PhD student, Harvard University)

  223. Michael Oman Reagan (MA Student Anthropology and Macaulay Honors College)

  224. Molly T. Oringer

  225. S.L. Bondarchuk

  226. Rev. Stephanie Shockley

  227. Jason Javier

  228. Adrian Catao

  229. Alyssia Osorio

  230. Rayya El Zein

  231. Angelica Clarke

  232. Biola Jeje

  233. Sean Collins

  234. Tazwar Choudhury

  235. Yexenia Vanegas

  236. Lisa Wojehowski

  237. Anthony Galluzzo

  238. LeeAnn Mccurry

  239. Zachary Rousseas

  240. Jimmy Kristrom

  241. Kristin Abdul

  242. Bradley Young

  243. Carmela Muzio Dormani

  244. Isabelle Jagninski

  245. Tasoula Oikonomou

  246. Kimberly White

  247. Litsa Mousouli

  248. Maeve Cavadini

  249. Nicholas Levis

  250. Jack Neff

  251. Charlie Kerr

  252. Beth Wilson

  253. John Panayotakis

  254. Marhabo Saparova

  255. Bruce Powell

  256. Katya Nicolaou

  257. Megan O’Byrne

  258. Gillian Gower

  259. Max Hoiland

  260. Georgiades Julie

  261. Marika Plater

  262. Eileen White

  263. Isham Christie

  264. Gary Catano

  265. Akis Gavriilidis

  266. Katie Uva

  267. Carla Orendorff

  268. Fotini Kelepoyri

  269. Giorgos Malamas

  270. Selim Heper

  271. Emma Myers

  272. Debra Goodman

  273. Robert Shainwald

  274. Claire Eclairaki

  275. Olga Megele (Art Teacher)

  276. Gregory Rosenthal

  277. Sophia Williams

  278. Emily December

  279. Nicol Papa

  280. Jenny Fygetaki

  281. Sudipto Nath

  282. Brian Bergstrom

  283. Zoe Lawlor

  284. Michael Letwin

  285. Bethany Ericson

  286. Michael Bartus

  287. Neil Crossley

  288. Luke Hingtgen (MA student, DePaul University, Department of Writing Rhetoric and Discourse)

  289. Munira Lokhandwala, (PhD Candidate, Film and Media, UC Berkeley)

  290. Amanda Armstrong (Graduate Student Instructor, UC Berkeley)

  291. Leora Moreno (Student, NYU Law School)

  292. Lisa Wojehowski (Steering Committee of New York Students Rising)

  293. Sarah Randle (PhD student, Anthropology & Environmental Studies, Yale University)

  294. Hira Nabi (MA student, Media Studies, New School, NSPE)

  295. Abou Farman (PhD CUNY 2012; Lecturer Princeton University)

  296. Aarti Sethi (PhD Student, Sociocultural Anthropology, Columbia University)

  297. Riley O’Neill (NYU)

  298. Maya Adereth

  299. Jenny Ajl (Wesleyan University)

  300. Max Ajl (PhD Candidate, Development Sociology, Cornell)

  301. Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine

  302. Marco Antonio Rosales (PhD Student, History, University of California, Davis)

  303. Luke Patterson (MSW)

  304. Sarah Hawas (PhD student, Columbia University)

  305. Guy Cohn (PhD Student, Media and Communications

  306. European Graduate School)

  307. Troy Araiza Kokinis, (PhD Student, History, UCSD)

  308. George Joseph (Student, Columbia University; Student Worker Solidarity)

  309. Aysegul Kayagil (PhD student, New School for Social Research)

  310. Matan Cohen (PhD Candidate, Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies & Comparative Literature, Dean`s Fellow, Columbia University)

  311. Allen Johnson (Teach for America Coordinator of Growth, Development, and Partnerships in Las Vegas)

  312. Robert Cavooris (PhD student, History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz)

  313. Pınar Kemerli (PhD Candidate, Department of Government, Cornell University)

  314. Alaz Kilicaslan (PhD Student, Sociology, Boston University)

  315. Erin Rose Ellison (PhD Candidate and Teaching Assistant, Psychology and Feminist Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz)

  316. Caroline Kao (PhD student, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz)

  317. Valerie Hong (MFA student in Writing, Producing, Critiquing at LIU Brooklyn)

  318. Guy Benjamin Brown (MS in Education, Fordham University)

  319. Ariana Kalinic, Allison Brown (Academic Editor)

  320. Julia Pearlman (MS in Teaching, Fordham University)

  321. Jessica Conte (PhD student, East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of California Irvine, UC Student-Workers Union, UAW 2865)

  322. Beezer de Martelly (University of California, Berkeley, Head Steward, UAW 2865)

  323. Adam Liebman (PhD student, Sociocultural Anthropology, UC Davis)

  324. Elif Sari (MA student, Near Eastern Studies, NYU)

  325. Hatice Nilay Erten, (Phd Student, Anthropology, Yale)

  326. Andrew Sawtelle (J.D. Candidate, CUNY School of Law)

  327. Bilgesu Sümer (PhD student, Political Science, Umass)

  328. Sara Schaefer (J.D. Candidate, University of Texas School of Law)

  329. John McGloin (Math Teacher, NYC DOE)

  330. Gianmarco Savio (PhD candidate, Sociology, Stony Brook University)

  331. Semih Patan (PhD Student, Political Science, University of Illinois at Chicago)

  332. Mukadder Okuyan (M.A. student, Psychology, The New School)

  333. Mohammed Rafi Arefin (PhD Student, Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

  334. Alessandra Radicati (MPhil/PhD student, International Development, London School of Economics and Political Science)

  335. Elana Eden (Student, UC Berkeley)

  336. Sinan Tinar (MA student, Clinical Psychology, Bilgi University, Istanbul)

  337. Jim Fleming (Editor and Publisher, Autonomedia)

  338. Francis Coughlin (MD, ally of student bloc)

  339. Hazem Jamjoum (PhD student, History/Middle East Studies, NYU)

  340. Al Herrera-Alcazar (PhD candidate, Psychology, Stony Brook University)

  341. Alya El Hosseiny (PhD student, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, NYU)

  342. Evrim Engin (PhD student, Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture, Binghamton University)

  343. Kirsten Rudestam (PhD candidate, Sociology, UC Santa Cruz)

  344. Natasha Issa Shivji (PhD, African History, NYU)

  345. Aaron Welt (PhD student, History, NYU)

  346. Brian McCarthy (Adjunct Faculty, Media Studies, New School)

  347. Sambuddha Chaudhuri (PhD student, MBBS, School Of Social Policy and Practice, University of Pennsylvania)

  348. Melissa McIntyre (NYU)

  349. Elaine Andres (Development & Strategic Partnerships at Engine Advocacy & Research Foundation)

  350. Natalie Fowler (Phd student, Anthropology, Cornell University)

  351. Philippe Marius (PhD candidate, Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  352. Sarah Zeller-Berkman (PhD, The Youth Development Institute)

  353. Marimer Berberena (MA student, MALS-Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies CUNY Graduate Center)

  354. Robert A. Irwin (Lecturer, CMS/W, MIT)

  355. Kenneth Yanes (Associate Director, Study Abroad, Adjunct Lecturer, International Studies, The City College of New York)

  356. Erica Kaufman (PhD student, English, Graduate Center; Associate Director, Institute for Writing & Thinking, Bard College)

  357. Dilara Demir (PhD student, Sociology, Rutgers)

  358. Emre Sahin (PhD student, Sociology, Binghamton University)

  359. Carlos Piñeyro (PhD student, Sociology, NSSR)

  360. Bürge Abiral (MA Student, Cultural Studies, Sabanci University)

  361. Ugur Guney (PhD student, Physics; Adjunct Lecturer, Hunter College)

  362. Secil Yilmaz (PhD Student, History, Graduate Center)

  363. Glenn Kissack (Hunter College High School Mathematics Department)

  364. Hadi Jawad

  365. Alison Klein (PhD Candidate, CUNY Graduate Center)

  366. James Blair (PhD student, Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  367. Fury Young (CUNY Divest)

  368. Carly Smith (Adjunct Lecturer, Communication Studies, Baruch College)

  369. Kate Doyle Griffiths-Dingani (CUNY Anthropology PhD Student, Lecturer, Hunter College and BMCC)

  370. Gerald A. Press (Dept.of Philosophy, Hunter College)

  371. Mohammad Hamad (MA Candidate, New School for Social Research)

  372. Sophie Lasoff (Gallatin School of Individualized Studies,  Environmental Entrepreneurship)

  373. Marian Feinberg

  374. Sertaç Kaya Şen (MA, Cultural Studies, Sabanci University)

  375. Maria Bareli (PhD candidate, University of Crete, Greece)

  376. Frosini Koutsouti (CUNY Graduate Center, Cultural Anthropology)

  377. Bengi Ruken Cengiz (PhD candidate, Political Science, Sabanci University)

  378. James Deutsch (MD, PhD, FRCPC, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto)

  379. Judith Deutsch (MSW, Lecturer, Health Studies Program, University of Toronto)

  380. Benjamin Safran (M.M. Composition Student, Temple University)

  381. Muhammad Nabil Zuberi (PhD Student, Anthropology, Graduate Center)

  382. Lake Merritt Neighbors Organized for Peace in Oakland, California

  383. Risa Cromer (Doctoral Candidate, CUNY Graduate Center, Department of Anthropology, Adjunct Lecturer, Lehman College)

  384. John Warner (PhD Candidate in Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center, CUNY)

  385. Mohamad Junaid (Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Center, CUNY)

  386. Lydia Brassard (PhD Student, Cultural Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center)

  387. Sarah Kamens (M.A. Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology, Fordham University, New York)

  388. Antonia Santangelo (Doctoral Student, Anthropology, Graduate Center, CUNY)

  389. Eero Laine (PhD Student, Theatre Program, CUNY Graduate Center)

  390. Daniel Kulakowski (Doctoral Candidate, CUNY Graduate Center/Lehman College, Biology, Plant Sciences PhD Program)

  391. Karen Estefane (PhD Student, CUNY)

  392. Emanuel Moss (PhD Student, Cultural Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center)

  393. Esen Karan (PhD Student, Clinical Psychology, City College)

  394. Rafael A. Mutis (Adjunct Faculty, Hostos Community College and Doctoral Student, Earth & Environmental Sciences, CUNY Graduate Center)

  395. Andy Klatt (Lecturer in Spanish, Tufts University)

  396. Melissa Maldonado-Salcedo (Adjunct NYU, Doctoral Candidate CUNY Graduate Center, Cultural Anthropology)

  397. Pablo Alvarez-Rosatti (MA student, Spanish secondary education, CCNY)

  398. J. Mark Hobbs (MA student, Experimental Psychology, Brooklyn College)

  399. Tellisia Williams (PhD student, Environmental Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center)

  400. New York Students Rising and City College Students for Educational Rights

  401. Ted Sammons, Brooklyn College

  402. Martha Lincoln, PhD (Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center 2013), Postdoctoral Fellow, Prevention Research Center, Oakland CA

  403. Balthazar Becker, PhD Candidate, City University of New York, Graduate Center

  404. Mike Granger, PhD Student, English, Graduate Center

  405. Ajkuna Hoppe (PhD student, Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center)

  406. Queens College Socialist Alternative

  407. New York Socialist Alternative

  408. Preeti Sampat, PhD candidate, Anthropology, CUNY Grad Center

  409. Ann Kottner, Adjunct Lecturer, York College-CUNY, New Jersey City University, AFT Local 1839

  410. Beth Sopko (BFA, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art)

  411. Maria Heyaca (John Jay College, co-founder Popol Vuh Itinerante)

  412. Micheal Rumore (PhD Student, English, Graduate Center)

  413. Alexander Baldassano, PhD student in English, Graduate Center

  414. Ekaterina Bezborodko, PhD student, Earth and Environmental Sciences

  415. Beshar Ali, Undergraduate Student, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

  416. Daniela Kantorova, Psy.D. candidate at The Wright Institute, Steering committee member, Psychologists for Social Responsibility

  417. Patrick Lee Flaherty (Kingsborough Community College 2012 and current Hunter undergraduate)

  418. Tidal Magazine

  419. Occupy Theory

  420. Daniel A. Shockley, Esq.

  421. Michael Rich, BA, CCNY 1976

  422. John Baeten (PhD. Graduate Student, Industrial Heritage and Archaeology Program, Michigan Technological University)

  423. Fytrou Natali, postgraduate student, University of Crete, Greece

  424. Sumayya Kassamali, PhD student, Anthropology, Columbia University

  425. Hilarie Ashton, PhD Student and Graduate Research Fellow, English Department, The Graduate Center, CUNY

  426. Duygu Parmaksizoglu, PhD Candidate, Cultural Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center

  427. Socialist Core

  428. Eleni M. Zimiles, MSSW Student, Columbia University School of Social Work

  429. Christopher Ian Foster, Doctoral Candidate, English, The Graduate Center

  430. Özge Savaş

  431. Shari Foster

  432. Elif Ege

  433. Eirik  Bjorkman

  434. Doruk Tatar

  435. Russell Dale

  436. Mitchell Torres

  437. Antoinette Hertel

  438. Mariann Dósa

  439. Sonay Ban

  440. Jomur Islam

  441. Latinaki Niki

  442. Anthony Americo

  443. Ezgi Seref

  444. Julius  Martinez

  445. Darini Nicholas

  446. Erina P

  447. Susan Donovan

  448. Jeannette Hassberg

  449. Vasilis Andrikopoulos

  450. Samuel Arrington

  451. Romm Lewkowicz, PhD student, Anthropology, Graduate Center

  452. Candice A. Vivino

  453. Kenton Schoen (University of Missouri)

  454. Julio Arias Vanegas (PhD student, Anthropology, Graduate Center, Cuny)

  455. David Borenstein, PhD Student in Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center

  456. Kate Doyle Griffiths-Dingani, PhD Candidate in Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center, Adjunct Lecturer, BMCC and Hunter College

  457. VL Brandt

  458. Andrew Bard Epstein (PhD Student, History, Yale University)

  459. William Molony

  460. Diana Davies, Los Angeles

  461. Darwin Tsen, Ph.D student, Comparative Literature, The Pennsylvania State University

  462. Adam Patten, Organizer, Unite-Here

  463. John Grant

  464. Charles Gastil, MS student, Civil Engineering, UC Irvine

  465. Cagla Orpen (PhD student in New School for Social Research)

  466. Linda Jansen, Seattle, WA

  467. John D. Swain

  468. Marie Ellen Larcada Smith

  469. Mansoor Khan (Masters Student, Math, Hunter College)

  470. Liz Mescall

  471. Casey Primel (PhD student, MESAAS, Columbia University)

  472. Marcos Wasem, CUNY Graduate Center Alumn

  473. Barry Weisleder, Coordinator, Toronto Substitute Teachers, Member, Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation

  474. Yuan Li, Brooklyn College alumna, Class of 1995. BA in Political Science, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa

  475. Lisa Savage, Literacy Coach

  476. Megan Popkin

  477. Katy Fox-Hodess, PhD Student, UC Berkeley

  478. Rhys W. Roark, PhD, OKC, OK

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